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Blendin is a social platform that connects newcomers (refugees) to Dutch locals. We aim to connect people individually or in small groups (max 3 on 3), bases on their shared interests. Newcomers can meet Dutch locals that can become their taalcoach or work advisor. However, the main aim of the Blendin network is to encourage people to meet one another to create sustainable friendships since a lot of newcomers are isolated.

Blendin has already realised more than 100 meet ups (blends). Interested people can go to our website and click on one of our four options to get connected. We initiate personal meet ups through Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, phone calls or by letting people chat on our own online platform. Blendin helps newcomers find a spot in Dutch society but also gives Dutch people to learn something from our new neighbours!

We need your help to raise the first € 10.000,- to improve and maintain our online platform, initiate at least 1000 meet-ups between newcomers and locals and to further promote our non-profit organisation. For only €25,- we will make your own personalized Blend possible, so would you Blendin your money?

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Donate € 25,- or more and we will initiate your personal meet-up with a newcomer (or if you are a newcomer, we initiate a meet-up with a local).

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